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We are exporter and supplier of essential products. We are proud to admit that international standard quality and high precision are the hallmark of the company. We are leading supplier in quality and innovation, We are committed to supply high-quality products at competitive prices without compromising on material, quality and workmanship.
The fast and efficient distribution channel makes life easier for institutions, hospitals, distributors, charitable, foundations, NGO, organizations, companies through streamlined ordering and supplies.



Essential products usage is most commonly performed procedures in the world. Using quality products for such procedures are very vital. Our expert team has selected certain range of products that are essential to high quality, competitive prices and fast-efficient distribution channel. This essential products are available in pack – Kits – and units too, viz 3 Ply Mask, 4 Ply Mask, VSG95 with and without filter mask, PPE kit, Coverall-Hoodie- Shoe cover, Coverall, Surgical Gown, Nurses Caps, Surgeon Caps, Shoe Cover, Gloves Nitrile Latex, Sprayer, Automatic Disinfecting Machine, Fogger MAchine, Sanitizers, Inrared Thermometers, Pulse Oxymeter, Face Shield and safety Goggles.

Focusing on Production and Marketing Strategies that promote online sales, VSG offers customers the simpliest and the most efficient ordering and distribution chain possible.

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VSG aspires to become one of the leading quality and efficient suppliers for the healthcare industry by providing effective and economic solutions to its valued customers and establish benchmark of innovation, quality under international standards.


Quality-Services-Reliability in providing medical & Healthcare products. Fulfilment of needs of the healthcare industry by way quality-economical-services-commitment-trust-ethics as per international standard on the national & international fronts.

We are committed to your safety


VSG products are fully compliant with the domestic and international standards of requirement.


We are ideally situated within India with our Distribution Platform, combined with our E-Commerce site.


VSG team are committed to uphold the highest benchmark of excellence and integrity in everything we do on behalf of our customers.


Elimination of intermediaries and economies of scale allow VSG to reach the most suitable price.

Our Products

Surgical Gowns

Surgical Gloves

Surgical Equipments

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What our buyers says

I am happy that I am no more careless about the safety of my lung. I am a proud Vsafeguard user and their range of products.
Pawan N
Eye safety above everything, and for my eye safety I trust only experts. I trust only Vsafeguard.
Sachin S
I am proud to be an Indian and I am proud that one company in India makes such high quality and reliable products. I am very happy user.
Pooja T

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About Us

We are India-Mumbai based company formed in collaborations between manufacturers dedicated for us, operations team and online experts specialists.

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Contact: +91 9820232304

Email: vsafeguard1@gmail.com

Website: www.vsafeguard.in

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